Galeria Virtual – Cinco de Mayo Sale!

Ashley Cook and Vanessa Lawrence have opened Galeria Virtual – a project-based artists’ collective without fixed premises.The Cinco de Mayo Sale is their venture with big reductions on work which has been influenced by South and Central America by both artists.In 2003 Ashley Cook was an invited artist to Museograbado Print Studio in Museo Manuel Figueres, Zacatecas, Mexico. Zacatecas was one of the first capitals of the Spanish Conquistadores and an important town famous for silver mining, however it did not move forward during the period of industrialisation in Mexico and is now a beautifully preserved monument to old Mexico, steeped in cultural history. Ashley was deeply inspired by the town’s history and the magical realism of the region’s imagery and sensibilities. Vanessa Lawrence’s artwork comes from a journey around South America in 2008.  Spending time on Estancias working with Argentine Gauchos, riding through the Chilean mountains and dessert with Huasos. The purpose of her residency was to spend time with these workmen and discover their traditions, the way they spent their days with their horses and the way both the horses and rider were dressed.  All these influences, surrounding colours and light creating strong shadows, have been gathered together and expressed through drawing and painting.  Current projects include taking these images into small scale sculpture.

Sale ends 18 May 2012.


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