BUTTERFLY RAMMY- The Art of Scotland’s Political Awakening

Wheesht – limited edition of 20. Commissioned by COMMON WEAL for BUTTERFLY RAMMY- The Art of Scotland’s Political Awakening. Common Weal have commissioned 18 artists & 18 writers to reflect via 18 Scots words on the arc of political awakening that occurred surrounding the Referendum for Independence in Scotland on 18 September 2014. In addition to this book, they are delivering a month of related cabarets for the Edinburgh Festival 2015. The Butterfly Rammy Book is £12 online from Common Weal shop and £10 from Festival venues on the night. Beautifully published and poignant.

Contributors include Ashley Cook, Elspeth Lamb, Mark Campbell, Alasdair Wallace, June Carey, Al Gow, Claire Forsyth, Nicola Carberry, Dominic Snyder, Duncan McGillvray, Anderston Torp, Samantha McPherson, Suzy Lickley, Eoghann MacColl, Charlotte Duffy, Rachel Mimiec, Alasdair Strachan and Elizaveta Maltseva.


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